Featured Artists

Lisa Marie

lisa jewlerey

Lisa is a artist, jewelry designer and the newest member of our team at Artists' Edge. Her one of a kind jewelry art is available at Poulsbo Artists' Edge.

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Albert is a local artist and member of the Artists' Edge team. A collection of his favorite medium silverpoint is available at Poulsbo Artists' Edge. Check out his interactive silverpoint display where you can 'try your hand' at silverpoint. 





Dianne Aoki from Studio.Aoki 

Dianne Aoki - Bio 

I’m a visual artist originally from Tacoma, Washington, recently relocated back from California where I’ve spent half my life following a personal path of artistic collaboration, connection, and creativity. 

My creative process begins with exploring interests-of-the-moment and conceptualizing a theme. From there I determine the medium I’ll use and a specific creative framework; sometimes my one-of-a-kind works are three-dimensional and will incorporate assemblage or collage, at other times it’s simply painterly representations. I create ‘collections’, immersing myself in different mediums and processes until it feels it’s time to move on to the next new body of work. Regardless of the medium, my expressed intention always holds the purpose of elevating the viewers emotional state…in a positive way. 




 Dan Ice

Dan Ice print

Dan Ice

Block Print Artist from Poulsbo, WA. and longtime friend of Artists' Edge. We are lucky to have his numbered limited block prints for sale at Poulsbo Artists' Edge. Dan rotates his art monthly see what is new today!

Dan's Poulsbo art studio is open by appointment to individuals and very small groups. Dan teaches the art of lino block carving and printing, handcrafted jewelry, rocks and minerals.

(360) 598-5974 to make an appointment.



Heather Stadler

Poulsbo, WA. 

Each piece an engaging visual story. To see Heather's resin enhaned prints, visit Poulsbo Artists' Edge or the Poulsbo Library. Follow Heather's links to find more of her collection or to contact her regarding commision work.

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