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Artists' Edge Sketchbooks

Burnside Bridge, Portland, by Derek Gundy
Artists' Edge has a huge selection of amazing sketchbooks. Both stores are stocked well with sketchbooks for a variety of media.

We can also ship anywhere in the U.S.

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Below are a few selections of our staff favorites.

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Late Day Sun, San Francisco, by Derek Gundy

Bamboo Hardbound Sketchbook contains paper made from 100% certified sustainable forests: 50% bamboo and 50% reed. Bamboo is an endlessly renewable resource because of its very quick growth cycles and prolific heartiness. Artwork-filled volumes stand conveniently upright on a bookshelf. Flush and sturdy binding protects artwork and keeps pages from sliding, for minimized smearing. The spine is designed for lay-flat drawing. Books contain 220 pages (110 sheets) of cream-colored 65 lb. (110 gsm) acid free sketch paper good for use with all dry media. Cover has an embossed faux snake skin texture. Excellent for sketching, classwork and writing.

Bee Paper Premium Recycled Sketch is a hard, clean, bright white 70 lb. (114 gsm) sheet with excellent erasing qualities. Elemental chlorine free sheet has 30% post consumer waste recycled fiber and meets the U.S. government standards for a recycled sheet. Pads are double wire, side binding and micro perfed for easy sheet removal. For use with all dry media.

Pentalic Nature Sketch: Heavyweight 130 lb., 211gsm, 25% cotton sheet has a toothy, rough vellum surface on one side and a smooth surface on the other. Extremely creamy paper is suitable for pencil, charcoal, ink, acrylics, pastels and oil pastels, watercolor pencils, watercolors (light washes) and tempera. Heavyweight chipboard back allows field use without buckling. Elegant and extremely sturdy texture stamped and foil stamped front cover. Side double pewter metal spiral binding. A percentage of all Nature Sketch sales will be donated to the American Wildlife Fund located in Molalla, Oregon.

Bee Super Deluxe Sketchbook: The only sketchbook you'll ever need! Don't be confused by the name of Aquabee's exquisitely well-rounded paper for mixed media! Our 808 Deluxe Heavyweight Sketch is 93 lb, (150 gsm) NpH archival quality drawing paper. This natural white sheet has two distinct surfaces. The top side of the sheet has tooth for dry media and works well as a cold pressed watercolor sheet. The bottom side is fabulous with pen and ink and works well as a hot pressed sheet for watercolor and other mixed media. The double wire binding creates a flat surface, allowing the artist to draw across the page. The water-resistant cover can be personalized with acrylics to make your journal your own! Extra heavy weight 100% recycled chipboard back is perfect for field work. The official sketchbook of Sketch Seattle.

Black Bee Sketchbook100% Recycled Bogus Rough Sketch paper is chemical free and completely biodegradable. Each pad has a sturdy 100% recycled 70pt Eco-Board cover and a double wire binding. Use with dry media: pencil, charcoal, pastel and artist crayon. Recycled Bogus Rough Sketch paper (brown tone) provides excellent juxtaposition when used with light and dark media. 50 sheets per pad.

White Bee SketchbookOur neutral pH, 64 lb, archival quality charcoal paper is made with 25% cotton. This exquisite jet black sheet has a strong laid finish which is excellent for use with all dry media, particularly charcoal and pastels. Heavyweight recycled cover can be drawn on or painted on. 50 sheets per double wire bound pad.

Heavyweight recycled Co-Mo Sketch is a hard, clean, natural white 80 lb. (130 gsm) sheet with excellent erasing qualities. Textured surface has excellent tooth. Double sized to accept light use of wet media. For use with pencil, pen and ink, light washes.

Travel Pocket Sketch: Wherever you go, capture life as it happens with this art journal designed to fit anywhere. 160 pages of acid-free, slightly toothy, recycled 74 lb. (120 gsm) bright white sketch paper is perfect for sketching, notes and field work. Includes an elastic closure, ribbon marker, back page pocket and flexible, water-resistant Italian made cover.