Artists' Edge Presents
Dive into Watercolor with Derek Gundy
2 Wednesdays, May 16th & 23rd
6:00-9:00, $150 includes all supplies

"Port Townsend Ferry" Watercolor Painting by Derek Gundy

"Sockeye" Watercolor Painting by Derek Gundy

Dive into Watercolor with professional artist Derek Gundy! If you've wanted to experience the incredible versatility of this medium, this is the place for you to start! We'll begin by understanding the supplies; brushes, paint, and papers. Then we'll learn how to translate images into painted scenes.

Watercolor can be a tricky medium, unless of course you have careful guidance...then it can be easily understood.

The beauty and sensitivity of watercolor can be learned if you can give up control and be free with your paints!

Students will create paintings with deliberate focus on the importance of values, strong composition, and color harmony.

Derek Gundy has been painting professionally for over 20 years. He is a co-founder of Sketch Seattle, teaching workshops on location in Seattle, WA, and also teaches drawing and painting at Northwest College of Art & Design. You can learn more about the artist and his paintings at and

Class Registration, $150,

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